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Yosuke Morikawa


-The Edge of Night-




The theme of this work is to document contemporary Tokyo through “Kyokai”, the Japanese primitive sense of recognizing the world. In Japanese folklore, “Kyokai” is described as “an indefinable, ambiguous area where two adjacent categories, such as life/death, reality/dream, man/woman, day/night, make contact and intermingle with each other”.

In this series, I photographed human figures who lived in between two adjacent realities including a woman, an ex-officer of the Aum Shinrikyo cult, who leads a life influenced by her dreams. Also, in addition to the places and objects that have been historically considered as symbols of “Kyokai”, I photographed those that seem to me to be contemporary “Kyokai”.

Finally, I related and sequenced photographed images that are fragments of contemporary Tokyo to create a story, by employing an ancient Japanese myth as a prototype in which “Kyokai” is featured as an important motif. Thus, this conduct itself, creating a fiction with non-fictional documentary photographs, can be said to inhabit the domain of “Kyokai” which exists in the space between the real and imaginary world.



1979 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2005 MDes Photography, Edinburgh College of Art, UK
2003 BA Photography, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan


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Nowadays, it is becoming common to see photographs in which the appearance of the photograph itself is worked over in a highly conscious way. This could be due to the fact that photographers are producing their photographs with a greater degree of intentionality, the tendency turn close-up shots into abstractions, or simply an improvement in the capabilities of cameras. In any case, Yosuke Morikawa's work is entirely straight, pure, and free of any lies: I thought that he faced up to his subject in total seriousness. 


Takayuki Ishii (Taka Ishii Gallery)

Yoshinori Mizutani


-What is Photography?-




Simply, I pursue only the surface of photography. There is no conception or content of my photographs. So, if people try to investigate something that is invisible from inside, to know the background, to deepen ones comprehension of the work, this action is unnecessary. My work is composed as pictures, that is it.



1987  Born in Fukui Pref, Japan.

2010  Graduated from Nihon University Collage of Economics

2012  Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography


Solo Exhibition

2010  YOSHINORI MIZUTANI (POP-UP EXHIBITION) , Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp

2015 COLORS / TOKYO PARROTS , IMA Gallery , Tokyo


Grope Exhibition

2015  SHASHIN! Japanese Photography Then/Now, Sotheby's Hong Kong Gallery, Hong Kong

2015  Young Portfolio 2014 , Kiyosato Museum of  Photographic Arts (KMoPA) , Japan



2014  LUMIX MEETS BY JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS #2 , Yellowkorner Gallery Paris Pompidou , Paris 

2014  Foam Magazine Talent 2014 exhibition,East Wing Gallery, Dubai

2014  LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2014 exhibition, Galeria Valid Foto, Barcelona

2014  Foam Magazine Talent 2014 exhibition, Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam

2014  Foam Magazine Talent 2014 exhibition, Atelier Neerlandais, Paris

2014  TOKYO2020, Christophe Guye Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland

2014  Light and moment vol.17-spirited photographers- , Recto Verso Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2013  TOKYO 2020 By Japanese Photographers 9, 1 Rue Richelieu, Paris / Hillside Forum, Tokyo, Japan

2011  Those Born From Room, Count Down Gallery Momozonogaro, Tokyo, Japan

2010  THESE DAYS, Gallery Mestalla, Tokyo, Japan



2014  LensCulture  Emerging Talents Top 50, Paris

2014  Foam Talent, Amsterdam

2014  Young Portfolio, Kiyosato Museum of  Photographic Arts (KMoPA), Japan

2013  Tokyo Frontline Photo Award 2013 Jury Award  (selecting judge : Taisuke Koyama), Tokyo

2013  Japan Photo Award 2013 Jury Award  (selecting judge : Ivan Vartanian), Tokyo

2012  Awarded Tokyo Frontline Photo Award 2012, Tokyo



2015  COLORS , amana / IMA photobooks, Tokyo

2014  Taxi Dirty Books, Boabooks, Genève, Switzerland

2014  Tokyo Parrots, amana / IMA photobooks, Tokyo



2015  NIPPON CAMERA, #6/2015, Japan

2015  The Hokkaido Newspaper, 22 March, Japan

2014  Libération Newspaper, 10 November, France

2014  TOKYO 2020 BY JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHER #2, IMA photobooks, Tokyo

2014  SPUR, December 2014, JAPAN

2014  Gente di Fotografia #59, Italy

2014  NEON Magazine, #09/2014, Germany

2014  The Observer newspaper, 6 July, UK

2014  NEON Magazine, #01/2014, Germany

2014  Esquire THAI EDITION, WATCH ISSUE,  June 2014, Thai

2014  GUP Magazine #42, Open Spaces, August 2014, Amsterdam

2014  Foam Magazine #39, Talent, September 2014, Amsterdam

2013  TOKYO 2020 BY JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERES 9, IMA photobooks, amana, Japan

2013   The art of LUMIX / LUMIX GM, Panasonic, amana, Japan

2013  IMA Magazine Winter Vol.6, "STEP OUT Vol.2", Tokyo, Japan


2012  Gypsé Eyes magazine #4: The Magic Issue, NY


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In this competition, there were many applicants who submitted images made with a high degree of proficiency. On the surface of things, Mizutani too demonstrates such proficiency. But as with many of the applicants, perhaps taking such images has become a bit of a game and, in general, younger photographers have a tendency to pander. In what Mizutani choses to shoot, how he shoots, and the lack of predetermined forms indicates that he at least grasps some of the precepts of what can make a photograph exciting. I'm curious to see how his photography will mature so I selected his work as a finalist in this competition. 


Ivan Vartanian(GOLIGA)

Hiroyuki Yamada






Temperature was about minus 30 degrees during the coldest period of Alaska’s winter. I spent many days alone in front of the frozen over scenery, without speaking with anyone, and suddenly it dawned on me, I had stood in a space with a complete stop of time. Snowflakes were falling slowly from a cloudy sky, to whisper that time is flowing. I could not know the boundaries of heaven and earth because of the bad weather. After passing a number of hills covered in/with snow, flocks of frozen water emitting a dazzling blue was standing there as if it were an ancient ruin with no doubt, and it had an overwhelming presence. Even though there were silence and nothing was moving, I was having difficulty breathing as I was caught in a current in front of this huge temple. It seemed liked I would be swallowed by this great wave. Now, I wonder whether it was the illusion.



1972  Born in Niigata Prefecture
Graduated from Musashino Art University


Solo Show

2013  "photo of Hiroyuki Yamada exhibition" at Sofia center" in Niigata.
2012  "Peak Moments" at Thirteen generation Chobe gallery in Niigata/ 
          "Tuesday" at slope Gallery in Tokyo 
2011  "Peak Moments" Nagaoka Institute Gallery in Niigata
2010  "Northern Highlights" The North Face Special Gallery in Harajuku,Fukuoka and Shizuoka



The expression of a variety of ice never bored off viewer even it is focused only ice. In spite of that, it stirs my imagination to anything else that does not exist there. According to the things that photographers have seen and thought is reflected to the image of the ice, I feel that he has been faced with a variety of target until now. In the midst of expression diversified and the width of the photos expand, I can see the surprising strength from direct expression of photograph and the process of photographer's idea.



Mutsuko Ota (IMA Editorial Director)







A sumo wrestling tournament is held as a dedication to the gods in the the Yasukuni Shrine once a year. It was my first time to see the live tournament.
It was strange watching the real sumo live. It appeared to not be human, expressionless, silent. The fighting figure of nude sumo wrestlers looked not only holy, but mysterious. In order to express the mystique I eliminated the background of the sumo wrestlers, as I wanted to be far away from reality.

In addition, I prolonged the shutter speed when taking the photographs, as I wanted to represent the beauty of the movement.


Group Show

2013 "Bright Photo Salon Roberto" Adachi seminar completion Exhibition



2013 "Pictorico Award", "My Book Award", "reviewers Award" Emon Photo Gallery



Unique conception, interesting picture and funny.



Tomohiro Harada (TOKYO PHOTO) 

Yohei Kichiraku






One day, I found a book written about birds at a flea market.
I noticed one thing in the book; there was a page with a picture of a bird torn out by the former owner. This work is an attempt to reproduce in nature once again, the figure of birds seen by museum painters more than 100 years ago, as well as release the birds from the book. I will quote the next words from sculptor Tony Cragg, instead of my own statement. "Imagining all birds flying in the sky will be extinct in the future is so sad. I would be happy if it could not be that way. However, if so, I hope something much more beautiful than birds will be flying in the sky”.



1979 Born

Graduated Nihon University College of Art Department of Photography



Solo Show

2012 "QUEITUDE" SLANT gallery


Group Show

2012 "BIRDS" New Cosmos of Photography Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
2011 "Fireworks" Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition Agora gallery



When I look at his work, it brings me back to forgotten memories.  It was totally new photographic experience using the photos to make me think of a revival ritual or something.



Toshiki Yagisawa (JAPAN PHOTO AWARD)